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19-year-old Besa Mumba from Zambia breaks record by becoming country’s youngest commercial pilot



ZAMBIA’S AVIATION records keep getting broken.

Kalenga Kamwendo became the country’s youngest commercial pilot last year aged 20 but that record has been shattered by 19-year-old Besa Mumba.

Besa secured her dream job as a pilot flying with the nation’s scheduled airline, Proflight Zambia, which is at the forefront of training and nurturing young talent.

The teenager, who initially wanted to work as a cabin crew member, completed her flight training in South Africa before landing the historic appointment, which she hopes will inspire young girls and women in Zambia and across the continent to follow their dreams and reach for their goals.

According to Proflight Zambia, Besa has already flown more than 15 hours, on Zambian domestic routes to Kasama, Lower Zambezi, and Luangwa, flying alongside the captain of the aircraft on the airline’s Caravan aircraft.

Commenting on her historic appointment, she told Proflight Zambia, “I am extremely humbled they gave me a chance to live my dream and this shows they have confidence in me to have given me the opportunity.”

“If you have a dream, work hard you can get to where you want,” she added.

She says her appointment is just the beginning of great things to come, telling the airline, “I feel amazing! I hope the Zambian people will be inspired by my story to also reach for their dreams and goals because I think the sky is not the limit”.


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