Black excellence

South African student invents an asthma attack prediction device


INNOVATION: Moses Kebalepile

AN INNOVATIVE, life-saving, early warning system for asthma sufferers developed by a young South African doctoral student earned him first place at an international competition.

Moses Kebalepile, a South African innovator, has walked away with this year’s top prize at the international pitchfest held in Zurich, Switzerland.

Moses is a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, who through his doctoral studies has invented a medical diagnostic instrument called the Asthma Grid.

The Asthma Grid is an early warning system that predicts threats of imminent asthma attacks.

In this way, asthma sufferers and their primary caregivers will not be caught by surprise when an episode of asthma happen and therefore unnecessary asthma deaths can be prevented.

Asthma is a respiratory ailment, and while common, South Africa has one of the highest asthma related deaths in the world, affecting people between the ages of 5 to 35 years-old.


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