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‪A 17-year-old who created a company to help young people find solutions to violence is named in Queen’s New Year Honours list‬

HONOURED: Jeremiah Emmanuel

HONOURED: Jeremiah Emmanuel

A 17-YEAR-OLD who founded a company to end youth violence has been named on the Queen’s New Year Honours list.

Jeremiah Emmanuel, who has been awarded the British Empire Medal, set up One Big Community at just 13 after his friend was murdered near his home in Brixton, south London.

He described his friend’s death as a “call to action” and lanuched One Big community to help young people find solutions to violence in their communities.

Through One Big Community he organises social media debates and live events to connect young people with decision makers in the police, schools, politics and the media.

“I think it’s so important for young people to have a voice. We are the future and I think a lot of people forget that sometimes, especially when it comes to working on the things that affect us from politics [in] our everyday lives,” he told the BBC.

“So hopefully a 17-year-old receiving a Queen’s honour can be an inspiration to other young people to wake up and say, ‘Today I can bring a change in my community.'”

Jeremiah, who is a colour sergeant with the Army Cadet Force, is also running a campaign to have first aid taught in all secondary schools in England after he helped save the life of another young man who was attacked with a knife in his area late at night.

In addition to his many achievements, Jeremiah also successfully pitched the idea of a youth council to Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra.

The teenager, who is applying to university this year, described the British Empire Medal, for services to young people and the community in London, as an amazing honour.

He told the BBC he had been “so shocked” when he learned of the accolade.


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