Solange on No.1 album: ‘I really wanted to present black people as the regal, stately beings we are’

REGAL: Solange

REGAL: Solange

SOLANGE SAYS her mission with her No.1 album, A Seat At The Table, was to present “black people as the regal, stately beings we are”.

The singer told Questlove on his Pandora radio show that she decided to ask Master P to feature on her album to further this notion.

She said: “I think Master P is incredibly regal, and there was a thread of regality I wanted to connect to the album and the visuals.”

“I also remember my father really looking up to Master P, because he was a black man who entered this music industry and this landscape completely independent, and he held onto his independence, and that was important for my father who was someone who was transitioning as someone who was a music executive and learning the business,” she added.

A Seat at the Table is a tribute to both self and black empowerment, with the younger Knowles sister fully coming into her own.

Emily Mackay from The Guardian wrote, “[Solange has] long been engagingly outspoken on issues of race, and from the title down, A Seat at the Table is an intensely personal testament to black experience and culture.

“It’s safe to say that though big sis Beyoncé has run her close recently, she’s once more the most [sic] intriguing Knowles sibling.”


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