In 2001, Agbani Darego, from Nigeria, became the first black African to win Miss World

HISTORY: Agbani Dareno

HISTORY: Agbani Darego

ON NOVEMBER 16, 2001, Nigerians welcomed the crowning of Agbani Darego as black Africa’s first Miss World.

Agbani, who was an 18-year-old computer science student at the time, scooped the title from among more than 90 contestants.

The competition allowed the audience to vote online this year for the first time, and Nigerians were reported to have flocked to cyber cafes to take part.

Organisers said more than one billion viewers around the world were expected to have watched the show.

“I am so, so happy. It’s a wonderful feeling and it’s indescribable… I know back home they were all watching out for me and I am happy I made them proud,” Agbani said after the show.

Ms Darego was the fourth African to win the Miss World contest, normally dominated by winners from Europe, the Americas and India.

White South Africans won the pageant in 1958 and 1974, and an Arab Egyptian was victorious in 1954.


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