Entrepreneur, 15, runs business helping brighten the day of hospitalised children with manicures and pampering



AGED 10, Alanna Wall founded Polished Girlz, a non-profit organisation that helps brighten the day of hospitalised children and those with social, emotional and physical special needs with mini manicures and pampering.

With Polished Girlz, Alanna, now aged 15, has served over 14,000 clients across the United States, Canada and Mexico and she’s just getting started.

“Every time we’d go to my Nana’s house in Las Vegas, me, my mum and Nana would always get glitter toes done,” she told “I loved it so much every time we’d go. Nana always had so many bottles of nail polish. One day, I was sitting on the bed with all this nail polish and Polished Girlz came to mind.”

She added: “You never know what somebody is going through. Some of these kids are in the hospital all day and some of them actually live there. Polished Girlz gives them visitors and someone to talk to their own age. It helps the girls take their minds off being in the hospital or whatever their situation is.”

Though Alanna has been featured everywhere from from Ellen to Disney to Nickelodeon, she says her motivation is not recognition.

“I didn’t start Polished Girlz to be recognised. I had an idea and I wanted girls to feel a little bit better. And not just girls, guys, too. When we first started, I had a client I’d paint every time I went to the hospital.

“This little boy would get clear because he thought it would make him invisible to cancer. I want to make them feel better and take their minds off what they’re doing. If other kids want to do the same thing, that’s awesome.”


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