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British comedian Kojo dedicates debut feature film to “all the people who still have the guts to dream”



“I’M A believer in faith. My gift is comedy, but that’s not my purpose. My purpose is to help people. If you look back at my record, every blessing I’ve had has benefitted other people.”

These are the words of Kojo, one of the UK’s top black comics.

And his latest project is testament to this sentiment.

The comic is just one week away from the release of his debut feature film, The Weekend.

The upcoming flick, which was written by Kojo six years ago and directed by long-time collaborator Sheridan De Myers, provides a platform for a number of young British actors, including YouTube stars Mandem On The Wall, comprised of Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascot and Dee Kaate.

Described as a ‘British urban comedy’, The Weekend centres on the trip as the trio come across £100,000 and embark on a hilarious spending spree, splashing the cash on expensive haircuts, new threads, a Range Rover and the party to end all parties: The Weekend to end all weekends. But the money belongs to a furious gangster, and he sets out to get it back.

For Kojo, affectionately dubbed ‘The Fresh of Hackney’ in honour of his beloved east London hometown, he hopes this will inspire “all the people who still have the guts to dream”.

He wrote on Twitter: “‘The journey is only just starting. Don’t blink, you just might miss out. Shout out to all the people who still have the guts to dream.”

However, despite the more recent fanfare, there is one achievement that stands head and shoulders above the rest as the “best thing” the Hackney-born star has ever done.

“That’s got to be my comedy club at Corks [Wine Bar],” Kojo says. “The best thing I’ve done in my life to date is that.”

Every Sunday, patrons from all around the UK would make the weekly pilgrimage to the hottest (my words, not his. I was in the queue too) Central London spot for a side-splitting taste of the best UK comedy had to offer.

And a host of famous faces, including US comedy heavyweights Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, passed through the legendary doors, realising that if they wanted to tap into the heart of the UK’s black comedy scene, Kojo’s Comedy Club was the place to do it.

Of his latest project, he told The British Blacklist: ” I want to show that there is not a glass ceiling anymore, there is potential to progress and expand. Being a comedian all I want to do is make people laugh but I’ve also been blessed with opportunities which made me know I can also do other things.”

WORDS: Layla Young


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