First Victoria’s Secret model to rock her Afro on the runway says she wanted ‘to inspire black girls everywhere’



MODEL MARIA Borges made history last year when she became the first ever Victoria’s Secret model to rock her Afro on the runway.

The 24-year-old Angolan beauty, who got her big start at 17 when she placed second in the Angolan edition of Elite Model Look, said the moment allowed her to “embrace my worth”.

At the time she told xoNecole: “For me, it is huge! I’m glad I’m doing it, you know? And they chose me to make history. This is more than an amazing, I have no words to explain. It’s so good for me and to be able to inspire the other girls everywhere as well!”

At 19, Maria signed to Supreme Model agency, where she would later make her big debut in fashion week- landing on a whopping 17 runways in a week.

Now regarded as one of Givenchy’s rare muses (she even refers to Riccardo Tisci as her “Godfather,”) Maria’s advice to young woman wanting to break into the industry is to “take it step-by-step”.

“Be focused. And don’t rush, the peace will come. Sometimes it takes time, but that’s ok. When the time comes, you have to be ready.

“Sometimes people say ‘no’ to you, but ‘no’ doesn’t mean that you’ll never do it. When they say ‘no’, to me, it’s like ‘I’m getting there,’ and next time they see me, they will say ‘yes’. So it’s good to be consistent.

She added: “Don’t give up. Be humble. Bring your personality. Always smile.”


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