British singer/songwriter MNEK lands Attitude cover: ‘I want to be what I didn’t see on TV’



BRITISH-BORN singer and songwriter MNEK, who wrote his first song at 15 and has since written for the likes of Beyoncé and Madonna, has landed the cover of Attitude.

The 21-year-old, currently blazing a trail in the industry with his voice and songwriting skills, has landed one of six special edition covers of the UK’s leading online gay magazine to celebrate there annual awards show.

MNEK picked up the ‘Breakthrough Award’ winner, having written his first record for The Saturday’s aged just 15.

He has since gone on to write hits for Madonna and Beyoncé, as well as dominating the charts with his own songs, Never Forget You and Ready For Your Love.

On talking to his Nigerian parents about his sexuality, he told the magazine: “It is always quite tough when it comes to talking to your family about it and being like, ‘OK, so I am gay’. My parents are supportive. Of course, it’s still a work in progress. They’ll say, ‘it’s just a phase, it’s just something he’s going through right now’. You never really know the best way to make them understand, so you just have to live your life anyway.”

The rising star also shared his experience on working with megastar Beyoncé.

He said: “She is really sweet and really cool, she was really conversational. She was also really sharp. She is that kind of person, she is sassy and sweet, but then she can come out with something really quick as well.”

MNEK is one of the few openly gay black British celebrities in the public eye and the Grammy-nominated talent is ambitious about being the role model he never saw growing up in south London.

“I want to be what I didn’t see on TV and I want to inspire,” he said.

“Not to say that it means you have to be this pristine image. I’m a mess and I enjoy being a mess, and I enjoy being publicly a mess, too, so I don’t want to have to be this role model, but more so just if you see yourself in me then that’s really great because I never saw myself in anyone.”
The November issue of Attitude is out now on digital via and in print in shops from October 12. Available internationally from


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