Cambridge graduate in funding plea for course to ‘bridge the gap’ between Nigerian film industry and the UK


FUNDING PLEA: Precious Oyelade

A CAMBRIDGE graduate is hoping to raise £8,000 to help fund a course at one of the UK’s leading institutions for the study of Africa, Asia and the Middle East with the aim of bridging the gap “between second generation British Nigerians and the growing Nigerian film industry”.

Precious Oyelade will use the money to fund a course on Nollywood and the Black Nigerian Diaspora via African Studies at the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in the UK.

“I want academia to reflect the voices and experiences of this generation, and this Masters is my next step,” she said.

“More specifically,” she added, “I aim to study the cultural products that are entering into popular culture, enriching its diversity and re-shaping the diasporic narrative here in the UK.”

So far, Precious has raised £2,700 against her target of £8,000, but has until August 25 to collect the full £5,300 to start her academic hopes, which she has dubbed “my Nollywood Journey”.

If successful, Precious, who received a first class rated paper for her dissertation on Nigeria’s flourishing film industry during her undergraduate degree at Cambridge University, will work under the tutelage of West African convenor Dr Akin Oyètádé, who specialises in Yorùbá in the diaspora.

“What in particular excites me about this area of study is how second-generation British Nigerians come of age and understand their relationship to an ever-evolving sub-Saharan African identity,” she went on.

“By taking the time to understand how young diasporans relate to the various representations of identity in Nollywood films, we can uncover something about British and Nigerian society and the power of increasingly popular media forms.”

She added: “By investing in me, you will be investing in the expansion of a narrative within academia that can only serve to benefit the melting pot that is Britain. You will be helping to create a window into British Nigerian diasporic culture, a bridge from one aspect of culture to another, one art form at a time”

To sponsor Precious, visit:


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