Maurice Moore: The 19-year-old Canadian R&B star on representing women in a positive light



SINCE LAUNCHING his music career in 2013, Maurice Moore has worked with the likes of R&B singers Kehlani and Trey Songz; has been hailed as ‘Canada’s Next R&B Star’ by broadcast network CBC Television; and was nominated for Best R&B Act at the 2015 Black Canadian Awards. Suffice to say, his career is going well.

So what is about the 19-year-old’s music that has earned him fans on both sides of the Atlantic?

“I think it’s pure honest energy,” says Maurice, who hails from the Canadian capital, Ottawa. “And it’s not bound my any particular genre. If I want to draw inspiration from any genre outside of R&B, I can do that and it will still feel familiar and genuine. My style is pretty much my personality.”

Though the singer comes across as laid back and easy-going, he is equally driven about his career and has been since he decided to give up football to pursue his music ambitions.

“Music has always been a part of my life, but it wasn’t until I was in seventh or eighth grade that I realised that music was what I really wanted to do,” recalls Maurice, who is also a member of US singer Kehlani’s Tsunami Mob collective.

“I was a football player for most of my life and music and football were always conflicting with each other! One day I just decided that music was what I wanted to do with my life so I made the switch.”

In making “the switch,”Maurice went full throttle in his quest for success. At just 14 years old, the ambitious teen applied for a ‘Summer Company Grant’ through Ottawa’s City Hall; a grant he was ultimately awarded.

The award not only gave the aspiring star the opportunity to build his own music studio, but also allowed him to seriously enter the music industry as the brainchild of a production and musical engineering business.

He has since released songs including Play and Ready, demonstrating his smooth vocal style and fabulous falsetto, and he is now gearing up for the release of a new mixtape.

Occasionally fusing his cool crooning with rapping, it would be all too obvious to compare Moore’s style to that of fellow Canadian crusader, Drake. How does Moore feel about the comparison?

“I think that my approach to music is more versatile,” says the singer, who splits his time between Ottawa and Los Angeles. I think Drake has done a good job of staying on top of the trend, but I want to do something that will be timeless and live forever.”

He’s certainly on the right track. With his music blending the sensibilities of old school R&B with modern-day sounds and styles, Moore’s music is solid, both vocally and in its production.

The singer also has pretty noble intentions for the music he makes. Raised primarily by his mother and growing up with six sisters, Moore says he wants to do his part to change the perception of women through his music.

“I hope that in five years from now, I’ll have made an impact on a lot of people’s lives, particularly young women,” he says. “Something I’m doing right now is really focusing on writing my music from a perspective of humility and love and respect, especially for women. I really want change the way that women are perceived in R&B and hip-hop music.

“My mum and my sisters have always been such a strong influence in my life and I feel like I naturally connect with women a lot more than I do with men. Not to say that I don’t connect with men, but I just have a strong feminine side that I feel allows me to connect with my female audience a lot. And the way that women are perceived in the current state of music is something I wanna change.

Maurice adds: “I just wanna write music from a loving perspective because women make the world go round!”

For more information, visit Follow Maurice Moore on Twitter: @mauricexiii 

WORDS: Diane Richards


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