Disney actress Skai Jackson inspired new black Iron Man Riri Williams, co-creator says

INSPIRATION: Disney actress Shai Jackson and Marvel's new superhero, Riri Williams

INSPIRATION: Disney actress Skai Jackson and Marvel’s new superhero, Riri Williams

THE COMIC book world was sent into overdrive recently following news that Marvel’s Civil War II arc would introduce an Iron Man replacement in the form of a black character, Riri Williams.

The 15-year-old MIT student reverse engineers Tony Stark’s trademark armor, gaining his admiration and support.

In less than a week, all available issues of Invincible Iron Man No.7 (Riri’s debut) through No.11 sold out completely.

Invincible Iron Man artist and co-creator Mike Deodato, Jr. tweeted that Riri Williams was not only inspired by but based on 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson.

“Riri Williams was based on the beautiful young actress ‪@skaijackson,” he tweeted.‬

Skai thanked the artist on Instagram, writing, “Thank you @mikedeodato ! I am so honored that I was your inspiration. Young black girls can be superheroes too! #blackgirlmagic #skaisthelimit #ririwilliams #ironman #marvel.”

Shai starred in Disney Channel’s Jessie as Zuri Ross from 2011-’15; she’s currently starring on the spinoff Bunk’d, which launched last summer and will return in August. She previously voice-acted on Nick Jr.’s Bubble Guppies.


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