Award-winning UK vlogger Gracie Francesca fronts BBC Three documentary about clean eating

DOCUMENTARY: Gracie Francesca

DOCUMENTARY: Gracie Francesca

AWARD-WINING British vlogger has collaborated with BBC Three for a documentary about clean eating.

The documentary sees Gracie and her team looking at the rising trend of clean eating and its various types, including where it came from and why it has grown in popularity.

Along with looking at clean eating, the documentary also looks at diets and society’s perception of body image.

When asked for her opinion on the media’s negative view of body image, Gracie, who is also a plus-size model, told Ten Eighty magazine: “The media needs to take a step back and recognise that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

“It’s also important that the media recognise stretch marks and uneven skin, cellulite and droopy boobs. If the media showed a variety of people, normal bodies [would] become just that: normal.”


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