Founder of Necole Bitchie on quitting her successful celebrity gossip blog and building powerful empowerment brand

A RISK THAT PAID OFF: Founder of Necole Bitchie and XONecole, Necole Kane

A RISK THAT PAID OFF: Founder of Necole Bitchie and XONecole, Necole Kane

ENTREPRENEUR AND founder of popular celebrity gossip blog Necole Bitchie has opened up on her decision to quit the brand that made her a household name and launch powerful empowerment brand, xoNecole.

“My overall goal in life has always been to be a source of inspiration for young women and I was having a hard time creating that legacy for myself with the platform that I had built,” Necole Kane wrote in an open letter.

“How could I continue to think that I was in some way adding value to the lives of my readers when my site posted about drama, celebrity beefs, divorces, break babies, fights and negativity on the regular?

Although the site, which she built for eight years, allowed her to “make tons of money, work from my bed, travel the world, win numerous awards, be featured in various magazines, visit The White House, go on a tour with Rihanna and be in rooms with the likes of Oprah, Ariana Huffington, and even Beyonce”, Necole knew she had to move onto pastures new.

“I wanted my site to be the nutrients, not the junk food,” she said.

Though she struggled in the initial stages with paying staff and getting advertisers on board, xoNecole is now at the forefront of female empowerment.

“Without risks there are no rewards,” she added.


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