Jamaican sprint champ Usain Bolt gets his own Twitter emoji after hit Virgin advert



WORLD AND Olympic champion Usain Bolt is the newest personality to have a Twitter emoji.

When users type in #BeTheFastest in their tweets,  they’ll see the Bolt emoji, bearing the likeness of the Jamaican superstar sprinter displaying his trademark ‘to the world’ pose.

The branded hashtag is part of Virgin Media’s newest campaign, which also features a 100-second ad, paying tribute to the brand ambassador ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The 100-second TV ad, narrated by fellow sprinter Michael Johnson, uses a series of sequences that are 9.58 seconds long – the world record 100m time Bolt set in 2009.

Unusually the TV ad, part of a wider multimillion-pound ad campaign, does not push a specific Virgin Media package.
“It is designed to be a celebration,” said Kerris Bright, chief marketing officer at Virgin Media. “A celebration of speed. We wanted to tell a different type of story about Usain Bolt. An emotive story about him, speed, in a way that links back to Virgin Media.”


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