Homeless prom queen graduates two years early while working through high school



A HOMELESS Washington teenager managed to graduate high school two years early despite working 25 hours a week.

Destyni Tyree, 16, was living in a homeless shelter in Washington DC along with 243 other families when the then 14-year-old’s enrolled into Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. High School.

She had been forced out of previous schools when her mother lost her job and was evicted from the home because they were no longer able to afford the rent.

But within two years, Destyni was able to dramatically turn her life around by applying herself in school.

She was appointed captain of the school’s cheerleading squad, earned a 4.0 grade point average, and was even voted prom queen.

She also secured a full scholarship to Potomac State College of West University University that begins in August.

The student managed this despite working for 25 hours a week in an ice cream store.

“Quite frankly, I’m just ready to go and live life. I know there’s a better life out there for me,” she said.

“It gets better. If you work hard enough, if you have that drive, if you have that motivation, it gets a lot better. I just time managed. I just wake up and do what I gotta do.”


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