UK MC Big Narstie urges young people to vote in the EU Referendum

PLEA: Big Narstie

PLEA: Big Narstie

UK MC Big Narstie has teamed up with Wake Up. Vote to urge youngsters to vote in the up-coming EU Referendum.

The When The Bassline Drops hitmaker has taken an unprecedented step into politics in the hopes that his message with increase youth voter turnout in the ballot, set for June 23.

In a video, shot in his barber shop, the 30-year-old says it takes 5 seconds to vote and urges youngsters to have a say in their future, so it “won’t be f***ed up”.

However, Big Narstie makes sure he stays clear of the big question of whether to stay or leave, and makes sure the message is focused on getting the young to vote.


So what is it all about?

On June 23 the UK will go to the polls and vote on whether the country should remain or leave in the European Union.

 Prime Minister David Cameron promised to hold the vote of he won the 2015 general election in response to the growth of support to the UK Independence Party (headed by Nigel Farage).

What is the European Union (EU)?

An economic and political partnership between 28 European countries that began after the Second World War. It has its own parliament, single market and sets the laws on the environment, transport, consumer rights, and even things like the minimum wage and fishing rights.

This is not the first time a UK music artists has taken part in a political campaign to encourage young voters. During the 2015 general UK elections Tinie Tempah painted himself half white to show the colour being ‘taken out of Britain’ if ethnic British communities didn’t vote.

 WORDS: Hazelann Williams


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