Nigerian chef who specialises in Caribbean cuisine becomes new owner of village pub in UK



A NIGERIAN-born chef has reopened a popular country pub and is serving up a fresh and spicy menu.

The Red Lion in Worcestershire, UK, which closed for nine months, was reopened this year by Nigerian-born Victorian Cullen and it’s now offering four different menus including her speciality Caribbean menu.

Catering was part of Cullen’s life as a youngster – her mum Grace ran a catering business and her grandma Juliana had a café (both in Nigeria) – but she had not planned to take it up herself.

She came to England to study and did banking and finance at university before moving to Kidderminster to be with her partner.

After her children – now aged nine and six – were born she decided she wanted a job where she could also spend time looking after them so she started her own business called Kidderminster Catering.

Cullen decided she wanted to showcase her food to a different audience as well as for private functions and had originally looked to open a restaurant in Worcester.

But she knew she would not be getting home until the early hours of the morning most days and wanted to be on hand to see and bring up her children.

“At the Red Lion I can combine a family life with work because we now live on the premises,” Cullen told Worcester News.

Cullen, who runs the pub alongside the catering business using many of the staff for both the pub and outside catering events, continued: “Most of the staff who work at the pub, also work for the catering business but now they have got a permanent place to work.”

She said, as far as she knows, hers is the only pub in this area serving traditional British classics like fish and chips, sausage and mash, steaks, gammon and scampi while also offering Caribbean goat curry, coconut ox tail curry, jerk chicken burger and spicy Caribbean mussels.

“There is no place in Kidderminster or Worcester like this. The only place I know of in Worcestershire serving this sort of food is in Bromsgrove. We have combined gastro British pub dining with Afro-Caribbean food,” she said.

She explained the Red Lion used to be known for its fish dishes and people can still have seabass or lemon sole but when they come in now and see some of the other dishes they decide to try them.


“A lot of people are willing to try the Caribbean food and now they come here mainly for that. It has now become a favourite because they know they cannot get it anywhere else around her. I’ve had some people come from Birmingham.”


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