Meet Zerina Akers: Beyoncé’s personal stylist and wardrobe curator



MEET ZERINA Akers, Beyoncé’s personal stylist and wardrobe curator.

The 33-year-old began working for the pop star in 2014 after graduating and landing various internships at W Magazine and Stella McCartney.

“All of these experiences helped me build the confidence I needed when I landed the role as Beyoncé’s Personal Stylist / Wardrobe Curator,” she told Forbes.

Explaining her role, she told the publication: “Some days are spent pounding the pavement visiting showrooms seeing what’s happening in the market, other days are spent researching trends that can be created. Even on days off, my eyes are looking toward to the streets in search of the next new movement in fashion.”

She added: “Working with Beyoncé is a dream that I didn’t know I was allowed to dream. Doing what I do today is something that was once out of the realm of what I dreamed for myself. Until I crossed paths with the opportunity, then I knew I couldn’t back down. There was no room for fear or doubt.”

The fashionista, who was part of the creative team on Beyoncé’s No.1 album, Lemonade, said she believed the key to breaking down the existing boundaries so the African diaspora is better represented in the fashion industry was to “support each other”.

“We have to work hard. Be extraordinary. Be undeniable. Be indispensable. Be so good that when you look up, you see no limits,” she said.

Looking towards the future, Zerina said she was excited to be launching her own site, which would “house my portfolio of recent work in fashion and my blog– which will highlight the latest trends in fashion and beauty”.

“My blog will give readers a chance to see fashion through my eyes and learn a few tips along the way. For example, one thing I love to do is mix high-low fashion and on my blog I will show everyone how it’s done. I’ll also be featuring up and coming designers and sharing other fashion how-to’s.”

WORDS: Layla Young


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