Serena Williams is world’s highest-paid female athlete

HIGHEST-PAID: Serena Williams

HIGHEST-PAID: Serena Williams

TENNIS CHAMP Serena Williams earned $28.9 million over the past 12 months, making her the world’s highest-paid female athlete over that span.

She has unseated Maria Sharapova, who had held the title the past 11 years.

Serena, 34, has dominated her sport for a decade and a half.

She won her second Grand Slam in 2002 and has added 19 more since then.

Her career prize money of $77.6 million is more than twice as much as any other female athlete.

She is also a compelling figure for marketers and ranks second among active athletes, behind only LeBron James in the US.

Serena’s triumphant 2015 tennis season included a trio of Grand Slam titles and only three losses in 56 matches.

The wins and year-end No. 1 ranking triggered lucrative bonuses from sponsors like Nike and Wilson. She also banked several million dollars through appearance fees from the Indian Premier Tennis League and events in New York, Puerto Rico and Belgium.

In a throwback picture on Instagram today (June 17), she wrote: “As a little girl in Compton, I already knew I would love this sport for the rest of my life.”


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