Entrepreneur celebrates ‘brown boyhood’ with creation of dolls in their likeness



A YOUNG entrepreneur has created a toy company whose primary goal is to produce dolls for boys with skin tones that cross the racial spectrum.

Melanites, a reference to melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour, is the brainchild of Jennifer Pierre who recalls going into a toy shop and seeing all the dolls were white.

“I want it to be normal for a kid to go into the aisle and see themselves on the shelf,” she told Financial Juneteenth.

Jennifer is aware that boys might not go for the concept of dolls, so plans to package the 18-inch figures as “action pals”.

She hopes to slowly erase the lines between boys’ and girls’ toys. “Parents are tired of the pink aisle and the blue aisle. They want something they can give to their sons to teach them empathy, or to inspire them.”

In addition to the figures, Jennifer wants to create an entire storyline that goes with each character. The characters will have jobs like astronauts, doctors, and lawyers and will look like African Americans, American Indians, and those with biracial skin tones.


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