The founders of a south London soup kitchen now helping the homeless in Toronto and Miami

COMMUNITY FOCUS: (L-R) Xxx and Solomon Smith

COMMUNITY FOCUS: (L-R) Mahamed Hashi and Solomon Smith

THE FOUNDERS of a south London soup kitchen have gone global and hit the streets of Toronto and Miami to work with homeless people.

Solomon Smith and Mahamed Hashi, aged 30 and 31 respectively, set up Brixton Soup Kitchen in 2013 after seeing the amount of homeless people on the streets their hometown, and as their slogan states, they wanted to help “rebuild the community”.

Having originally financed the soup Kitchen out of their own pockets, the centre now receives help from established food businesses, such as Sainsbury’s and Nando’s

Solomon, who is currently in the US with his twin brother David and their friend Abdul Diarrassouba, while Mahamed Hashi and other volunteers keep things running in Brixton, said: “We came out to Miami to feed and clothes the homeless.”

When the guys were due to fly to Miami they accidentally missed their flight, so decided to find even more people to help in Toronto.

“We just said, ‘Let’s look for the homeless out here and feed them’,” Solomon added. “We didn’t have a hotel so we just rented a car and slept there and made food packages by buying bags, water and toothpaste etc.”

Over the past five days, the guys have given out more than 230 food packs and socks to homeless people and have shared their progress on social media, filming the people they have helped.

They have also been working with a homeless charity called Anonymous Hands Miami, which provides hot meals to the homeless in Miami.

Solomon first did homeless work in Miami three years ago and revealed he plans to open a soup kitchen there in the future.

He said: “The people in Miami love the support the Brixton Soup Kitchen are doing as there aren’t that many groups like us doing work like this so they are so happy we are here.”


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