Meet the 23-year-old founder of a social media marketing agency with an annual turnover of £6m

INFLUENCER: Steven Bartlett

INFLUENCER: Steven Bartlett

MEET STEVEN Bartlett, the founder of social media marketing company, Social Chain.

After only 18 months Steven and his business partner Dom McGregor have built one of the most influential businesses in the UK with a projected annual turnover of £6m and 30 employees.

The 23-year-old founded Social Chain after dropping out of a business studies course at Manchester Metropolitan University, after just one lecture.

Destined for the unconventional corporate life, the young entrepreneur came up with the concept for Social Chain while trying to promote his first company, Wallpark – a virtual wall where students could connect in the same city and share any information.

As well as being a multi-million pound company, Social Chain controls around 220 Twitter accounts, including Friends Reaction, British Logic and Fitness Motivation, with brands like Hungry House, Spotify, Microsoft and Puma desperate to get their brands promoted by Social Chain.

Speaking to the IBTimes UK, Steven explained why his company is so successful: “Many of today’s biggest brands worldwide seek to market their products and services to the millennial market.”

“We are in fact the audience these brands wish to target with the team. We have second to none understanding of what this audience is looking for, what makes them tick and what get’s them excited.”

And while permit media may be on the decline, it’s the dawn of a golden age for digital brands and Social Chain has certainly benefited from it.

“Due to the increase in demand for our service and overall shift in budgets from traditional to social media, we have been able to achieve significant year-on-year growth, already achieving the entire annual turnover of 2015 in a few months of 2016.”

WORDS: Hazelann Williams


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