Young entrepreneur launches PR agency specialising in engaging UK’s black community



A YOUNG PR professional has launched an agency specialising in engaging the African and Caribbean community in the UK.

Chantelle Lewis founded Black British PR, a niche company, “to help businesses, organisations and individuals interact with the black British community”.

“We assist you to have a genuine experience with your target audience,” she said in a statement. “Authenticity is the key to really connect with someone.”

The company hope to make a “positive and fresh impact in the world of PR especially as this is a black owned business and founded by a Black British woman under the age of 30”.

“Our organisation is here to help break barriers on race, gender and age discrimination. You can be any race, age or gender to pursue your dreams. There is no limit or barrier on how much of an impact you can have on this world. This is the ethos that black British PR embraces,” she said.

Chantelle added: “I specialise in the Black British community because that is my core, my community, my passion, my talent in which I am completely involved and invested. I have been doing Black British PR since my late teenage years within the black British community holding events, promoting events and generating more black customers/clients for businesses. I absolutely love PR and I think it’s great and necessary to provide a specialist service focused solely on the Black British community.’

Chantelle said that her company is not in competition with established brands, but would welcome the opportunity to work alongside them in campaigns they already have in place.

“Any PR agency who has a campaign which involves targeting the Black British community would really see the benefit of our involvement with us providing specific expertise on that market to help them make their campaign even more effective,” she said.

“With us advising our clients on how best to engage the Black British community. It is inevitable that Black media will notice they have a wider request for comment and coverage.”

She added: “With US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton recently going on notorious black radio show, The Breakfast Club, It was a clear sign that the US see the value of black PR, by including Black media as part of their campaign.

“British businesses and organisations are starting to realise the same thing. If you want Black customers or clients, you need to have a strategic and specific campaign entirely focused on that audience. It is specialist.”

For more information, contact Chantelle Lewis directly at


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