Fashion blogger went from making $49k to $150k in less than a year



MEET MATTIE James, entrepreneur and founder of the fashion and branding blog

Mattie is a part of what could be considered the new class of digital entrepreneurs. Today’s movers and shakes aren’t just creators, they’re their own celebrity.

In 2009, she began blogging as a hobby and created Mattieologie, but it was only in 2013 figured out the formula for financial success.

“I’ve been a blogger for six years but I’ve been an influencer—where people actually listen to me and I listen to them and really started producing content that my audience wanted,” she told xoNecole.

In a recent blog post James shared that since quitting her full-time job as a street team manager at a sports radio last June where she was making $49,000 a year, she’s pulled in over $150,000.

Over half of that was thanks to the bread and butter of her balance sheet—her online courses ranging from $97 to $997 teaching fans and followers how they, too, can get paid to be themselves.

“Winning is not accidental. It takes a commitment, and people don’t want to be held responsible. The more you succeed, the more responsibility,” she told the publication.

“The next Oprah and the next Beyoncé are not going to be from a traditional music industry process or even television, they’re going to be made on the Internet.”


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