Doctor Foyekemi Ikyaator, 32, opens her own emergency room in Texas

LIFE-SAVER: Dr Foyekemi Illakaytor

LIFE-SAVER: Dr Foyekemi Ikyaator

MEET FOYEKEMI Ikyaator, a 32-year-old doctor who has opened a stand alone emergency room in Houston, Texas.

Life Savers Emergency Room, which is not attached to a hospital, provides the same ER care much more efficiently than at the hospital because they have an onsite laboratory.

The facility is equipped with radiology equipment, an onsite laboratory and pharmacy.

The ER prides itself in no waiting lines for labs to be sent or processed or even to be seen by a doctor.

A Nigerian native, Dr. Foyekemi, a graduate of a University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, was raised in the States and groomed to care for the physical well-being of people.

“As far as what led me to [start Life Savers ER]; I worked in a few ERs in Houston and often I’d get to work and there are 15-20 patients in the waiting room waiting on me,” she explains.

“You just start seeing the repetitiveness of the clogged system where you can’t get patients out of the ER, and you can’t get patients [waiting in] the waiting room inside the ER to get treatment.”

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