Meet the teenage friends who are helping young people start successful businesses 

INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION: Jordan Williams (left) and Brandon Iverson

EMPOWERING THE NEXT GENERATION: Jordan Williams (left) and Brandon Iverson

MEET JORDAN Williams and Brandon Iverson, both 17, the two friends who started their first business when they were only 10 years old.

At 13, they co-wrote Who Needs An Allowance? A Teen’s Guide to Starting Their Own Business, to give young people insight on how to start a successful company.

Today, the teens, from Atlanta, Georgia, own the Young Moguls Brand, an urban clothing line which encourages teens to become entrepreneurs with its message of forming a “cult of creatives.”

The creation of Young Moguls Brand was an effort to make their mission more relatable to teens. “Clothing is a big part of culture,” Jordan said. “We wanted to create meaningful and thoughtfully designed clothes that would help spread our message.”

“We want to keep developing Young Moguls and expanding it,” Brandon said. “We want to take the quality and detail of the clothing to the next level and focus on driving customers to the website and expanding our reach.”

The duo, who are current high school seniors, make time to prioritise and organise their busy lives. “We’re both seniors, taking finals, the SAT, applying to colleges and playing basketball,” Jordan said. “We may not wind up at the same college, but we plan to continue into college and beyond.”

Brandon said they are already discussing expanding Young Moguls to offer different products and for a way to work with kids in school systems to teach entrepreneurship.

They also advise their peers on financial literacy with their three-part video series, Making Money for Teens, which they created in 2011.



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