SBTV founder Jamal Edwards MBE inducted into the #BIMA Hall of Fame

    HONOURED: Jamal Edwards MBEHONOURED: Jamal Edwards MBE

SBTV FOUNDER Jamal Edwards MBE has been inducted into the BIMA Hall of Fame.

The 25-year-old, who was honoured by the queen for his services to music last year, joins the likes of Tim Berners Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web after his induction today (May 10).

“So humbling to be inducted into the 2016 BIMA Hall of Fame at the age of 25 alongside such incredible people like Sir Tim Berners Lee (who created the World Wide Web) & many more inspiring names. Thank you! #SelfBelief,” he wrote.

BIMA is one of the leading digital networks in the UK, with a membership embracing “hundreds of organisations and thousands of digital professionals, spanning startups to multi-national agencies and brands”.

The BIMA Hall of Fame recognises the outstanding lifetime contributions to the UK digital industry.

WORDS: Layla Young 


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