Amplify Dot becomes first woman to go solo on BBC 1Xtra’s Breakfast Show



BRITISH RADIO presenter Amplify Dot has been announced as the new host of BBC 1Xtra Breakfast Show.

She will take over from much-loved twosome Twin B and Yasmin, who will each move to solo shows on the popular radio’s network.

Amplify Dot’s new appointment makes her the first woman to ever go solo on the Breakfast Show.

Predecessor Yasmin was one of the first to congratulate Amplify Dot on the news.

She said: “Have to say A HUGE congratulations to @AmplifyDot she’s gonna smash it! The First Lady to ever go solo on Breakfast.”

A.Dot has promised fans that “breakfast will never be the same again!”

She went on: “Just 18 months ago 1Xtra gave a radio rookie a Saturday afternoon show and now here I am taking the wheel on the Breakfast Show. I’m so, so grateful for this huge opportunity. I’ve never set a 5am alarm before, let’s hope I don’t sleep through it!”

Yasmin will become the host of the weekday 1-4pm show and Twin B taking on the Saturday 4-7pm show.


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