Meet the 9-year-old who asked Obama for a job as his child science advisor

FOCUSED: Jacob Leggette meets President Obama

FOCUSED: Jacob Leggette meets President Obama

MEET JACOB Leggette, the nine-year-old schoolboy who is seeking to be President Obama’s child science advisor.

Jacob was one of a group of students who got to personally show Obama his science fair project, a collection of toys and miniatures he made on his 3-D printer.

The youngster, who made a bubble wand, used the opportunity to pitch his services to the president.

“I have a question, Mr. President,” Jacob said. “Do you have a child science advisor?”

Obama, it seems, was receptive to the idea. In a speech later, he mentioned Jacob by name and suggested it would be good to have a child science committee.

“I should add, by the way, Jacob . . . had a very good idea,” Obama said. “We should have a kid’s advisory group that starts explaining to us what’s interesting to them and what’s working, and could help us shape advances in STEM education.”

Jacob wants other children to have the same enthusiasm for science that he has, enthusiasm that was generated when he first picked up his father’s iPad as a toddler.

Speaking to the National Post later, Jacob said: “Science isn’t difficult,” Jacob said. “You just have to find the right type that you like.”


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