Racing talent Damani Marcano told he wasn’t rich enough to compete now has over £100,000 in backing



A GIFTED teenager is getting ever closer to his dream.

At 14, Damani Marcano, was told “You’re not rich, you need serious money to get started in motor sport – you’ll never be a pro racing driver”

By 16, thanks to social media, he was competed in 150mph race cars and now, barely 17, Damani has over £100,000 in backing and brand partnerships, including a clothing deal.

Recently, he stood along side Jason Bradbury of The Gadget Show presenting an award to Google, voted the #1 brand in the Youth100 awards.

Ignoring discouragement and those telling Damani to be “more realistic about his goals” he worked tirelessly, sharing everything he did on social media.

Still only 15 years old, he was spotted on YouTube, by Tony Gilham of Team HARD who backed Damani with £30,000. This gave Damani the chance to attract the rest of the sponsorship he needed.

ON THE ROAD: Damani with his beloved car

ON THE ROAD: Damani with his beloved car

Damani’s talent was such that he went up against experienced adult racing drivers. In the championship he competed in, he was the only driver too young to even drive on the road!

On the track he surprised people, setting a few records, having never raced a car before – off the track he’s tipped to be a £1 million-plus brand within five years.

Respected kart racing coach Terence Dove said of Damani: “I haven’t seen anyone yet do things so right to carve out a racing career from scratch.

“Damani is a pioneer and an inspiration to any kids who are told to lower their expectations from life. The motor sport world desperately needs him to continue to succeed!”

Tatler magazine previously described the young racer as “one of the hottest new racing drivers in the country.”

It’s now a case of watch this space; Damani Marcano would appear to be on the brink of something special.



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