Emeli Sandé will teach young offenders music in jail to help rehabilitate them



AWARD-WINNING singer Emeli Sandé will engage with young offenders through song, it has been revealed.

The Scotland-born 28-year-old will record songs with incarcerated youths as part of a project to help rehabilitate them.

As an ambassador for the Key4Life programme, which offers young offenders mentoring, job training and placements, Emeli will go into jails this year to inspire inmates to pursue a career in the music industry.

The campaign forms parts of the effort to break the cycle of reoffending.

On her new role the singer said: “I would like to collaborate with the people I meet. This is where you are going to find real stories, true heartbreak, true struggle and that’s where I think the best music and art always comes from.”

She added: “I will talk to them about my journey, how it’s kept me focused and hopeful. I think hope is the biggest thing, and music gives you that.

“I was lucky that I always had music to focus on, even when I felt I didn’t belong… it’s just such a horrible cycle they are in and music can help put a block in it.”

Emeli, a former medical student, said she felt a responsibility to be a part of the solution in tackling gang and youth crime in the capital.

“For me the situation is heartbreaking. I’m a black woman and I just feel so connected to what is going on within the community and it just has to stop, It’s such a big issue and it has gone on for years and years and years, and I just want to be part of making a change.”




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