US comedian Kevin Hart gets his own day in California

TOP HONOUR: Kevin Hart

TOP HONOUR: Kevin Hart

US COMEDIAN Kevin Hart has been given his own date in his home state of California.

The 36-year-old said he was “blown away” by the honour, announcing the news on Instagram yesterday (Feb 22).

“The state of California has just given me my own day,” he wrote.

“I’m proud to announce that in the state of California February 22nd will forever be know as “Kevin Hart Day” Major thank you to Senator Hall & Assembly Woman Burke for showing me such an amazing time at the California State Capitol #GotMyOwnDay #LookMommaImadeIt #Blessed #MomentsLikeThisMakeItAllWorthIt”

Last year, the funnyman was named one of Time Magazine’s Most Inspirational and dubbed the “biggest stand-up comedian in the country”.

Fellow comic Chris Rock, wrote in his essay on the star: “After he makes you laugh for an hour, you feel like you’re his friend—you feel his joy and his pain. If he has asthma, you have asthma.

“In Kevin’s comedy, there’s the minute observations of Jerry Seinfeld, the family-oriented storytelling of Bill Cosby and the open-wound honesty of Richard Pryor. But mostly there’s a lot of Kevin Hart.”

Shortly after the list was announced, Hart wrote on Twitter: “Thank you Time Magazine for including me in the 100 most influential people! What a amazing honour….and major thank you to my comedy brother Chris Rock for showing me so much love in that article!!! #TimeMagazine #Honored #Focused #Motivation #HustleHart”




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