UK singer Estelle honoured by Hip-Hop pioneer MC Lyte for ‘doing what they said can’t be done’

HONOURED: Estelle with MC Lyte

HONOURED: Estelle with MC Lyte

UK SINGER Estelle has been honoured by hip-hop pioneer MC Lyte for “doing what they say can’t be done”.

The veteran MC presented west London-born Estelle with the ‘Celebrations of Firsts’ honour from her Hip Hop Sisters Foundation.

“And the “Celebration of Firsts’ honor goes to my sister from across the pond @estelledarlings for breaking the rules and doing what they said can’t be done,” MC Lyte wrote on Instragram.

The Hip Hop Sisters Foundation is a charity, founded by MC Lyte, dedicated to unity and empowerment.

Estelle said she was “honoured” to be recognised by “an awesome philanthropist with a huge heart”.

“So honored to even stand next to her let alone have her and her organization recognize and support my audacity as a woman in music and tv and philanthropy. #celebrationoffirsts,” she said.

Estelle moved to America in 2008 to pursue musical ambitions after becoming the first signing to John Legend’s Homeschool label (distributed by Atlantic in the US).

American Boy, her first single from second album Shine (her first under Homeschool) reached No.1 in the UK and US and was voted No.7 on Rolling Stone ’ s list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008.

In 2013, Estelle announced the launch of New London Records, an independent label in partnership with BMG, with whom she’s worked as a writer since 2003.

Estelle will release the second and third volumes of her three-volume EP Love & Happiness on the new label (the first volume, Love Jones, was released in June), taking creative control of her current and future musical endeavors.


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