Meet Dana Chanel: The woman who has built a business empire spreading the gospel



MEET THE young woman transforming lives and spreading the gospel one social media post at a time with a Sprinkle of Jesus.

Dana Chanel is the 21-year-old founder of online ministry Sprinkle of Jesus, which utilises social media and technology to touch souls and change lives.

What started as a platform allowing Dana to blog about her personal experiences, which involved a spell working in a strip club to finding the love of God, has grown to almost half a million followers on Instagram in addition to a Sprinkle of Jesus app and a separate Christian-based advertising company specialising in building apps and websites for their clients.

“God was by my side the entire time. He needed to remove me from my lifestyle to be able to teach me to seize the gift that He had given me because I was too distracted. That literally was the turning point,” Dana, dubbed ‘The Jesus Girl, said of her journey to XO Necole.

The young entrepreneur says her belief is that Christians aren’t meant to be poor and it’s therefore imperative that she has multiple streams of income.

“Poverty is not of God. It says in the Bible that when you work hard, you reap what you sow. So I expect to make a certain amount of money; I expect certain things from God because I know how hard I work for Him.”

“Nobody sees that I’m up at 5 o’clock in the morning every single day and not going to sleep until 3AM, and then waking up and doing it all over again. God will reward you with what you give Him.”

Born in Brooklyn to Dominican parents in a house with eight brothers and sisters, money was tight and opportunities limited, so her mother moved the family to a small suburban area in Middletown, Delaware, for a better life.

She was the first in her family to get accepted into college, racking up offer letters to some of the top schools in the country including St. John’s University, but the cost of tuition was too much to bare.

“They wanted like $55,000 a year and I was like, dude, I am not going to owe you guys a house before I graduate. I was like, hold on, this isn’t for me!”

On her life’s journey, she said: “God has prepared me for this. So there’s nothing that anyone could say because I know who made me and I’m confident in that.”


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