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‘Role model’ and ‘global icon’ Kobe Bryant to play last NBA all-star game before retirement

LEGACY: Kobe Bryant

LEGACY: Kobe Bryant

KOBE BRYANT will play his last NBA all-star game before he retires tomorrow (Feb 14).

The Lakers player, an 18-time NBA all-star who received more votes than any other player to be selected for Sunday’s game in Toronto, will hang up his jersey at the end of the season.

Former NBA MVP Kevin Durant paid tribute to the 6ft 6in, 37-year-old: “His legacy is unbelievable, 20 years in the league, you can’t beat that, that’s what every player dreams of doing. For 20 years of being an elite basketball player. A lot of people should celebrate him for that. He’s a role model for young players.

“Everybody knows who Kobe Bryant is, he’s a global icon in the basketball world and culture in general. He’s helped me so much throughout my career and definitely someone I’ll lean on as I continue to grow.”

While Kobe is playing in his last NBA All-Star game, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green is delighted to be playing in his first.

He added he was pleased to be a part of Kobe’s final All-Star game. “I’m a big Kobe fan. To be a part of his last All-Star game is special. This is history in the making. We may never see a player like Kobe again, he’s that special.”


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