Shea Moss: Meet Amber Rose’s 24-year-old nail technician from East London

NAILED IT: Shea Moss

NAILED IT: Shea Moss

MEET THE talented nail technician who can list model Amber Rose as one of her A-list clients.

At 24, Shea Moss is the owner of east London nail boutique Shea’d Beauty and blazing a trail in the industry with her creative designs and eye for detail.

STAR-STUDDED: Model Amber Rose

STAR-STUDDED: Model Amber Rose

With over nine-years experience, the nail artist is a savvy businesswoman, who has over 35,000 followers on Instagram, excels in the hottest in nail trends from 3-D nail art to custom paint colours.

Shea (pronounced Shade) has nine years experience in the nail and beauty industry and “aims to bridge the gap between fashion and beauty and please girls all around the world”.


“We are a top leading nail bar, fostering innovate techniques to produce thought provoking and trendsetting nail designs. Through our highly trained and educated staff we ensure that new and existing clients receive the same level of service at all times in a place where they can relax and be beautified,” she writes in her ‘About Us’ section on the company’s website.

WORDS: Ade Onibada


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