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Mandem on the Wall star Joivan Wade to make debut in EastEnders tonight



BRITISH ACTOR Joivan Wade will make his debut in EastEnders tonight (Feb 5).

Jovian, who rose to prominence on popular YouTube series Mandem on the Wall with co-stars Dee Kartier and Percelle Ascott, announced he had landed a part in the long-running soap last month on Twitter.

“It’s been difficult keeping it a secret. Albert Square I’m on my way,” the 22-year-old wrote on Instagram at the time.

“My bro @JoivanWade is in EASTENDERS PEOPLE!!! Get his name popping #JoivanWade,” his Mandem on the Wal co-star Percelle Scott wrote on Twitter.

Joivan will play the character of Jordan Johnson, the troubled stepson of Denise Fox, who left to live with his aunt Gloria in 2010.

The actor, who previously played the character of Rigsy in Doctor Who and was also a regular in BBC1 sitcom Big School, said his casting on the iconic soap was an :absolute dream”.

“Coming into Eastenders is an absolute dream,” he told The Mirror. “Jordan is going through a very tough time and needs people in his corner but with a dad like Lucas will he be able to trust anyone? It is going to be brilliant to play him and I can’t wait to get started.”

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