Top trio: Complex introduces us to the voices behind hit online show Not For The Radio

COMPLEX INTERVIEW: Not For The Radio's Duane Jones, Chams of Face4Music and Posty of GRM Daily

COMPLEX INTERVIEW: Not For The Radio’s Duane Jones, Chams of Face4Music and Posty of GRM Daily

MEET MTV and BBC presenter Duane Jones, Face4Music’s Chams, and Posty from GRM Daily, the names behind the popular online series, Not For The Radio.

The trio behind the show, whose ‘straight talk, no chaser’ format has become an instant internet hit because of its ability to get rappers, actors and comedians to open up, were interviewed by Complex Magazine recently.

“From Lethal Bizzle discussing the zeros in his bank to Wiley waxing about his turbulent relationship with Dizzee, Not For The Radio’s always insightful, always humorous Q&A sessions have become the talk of many a town with a loyal following that just keeps on growing,” wrote Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson for Complex.

On the success of the show, Duane, who co-owns the Renowned Group, a creative arts company made up of music management and a film and TV production subdivisions, told the publication:

“From my experience in radio and media, I know the amount of censoring that goes on by the broadcaster, labels, and regulatory bodies. It’s impossible to go in-depth on a lot of topics that are linked to the scene and artists we’re listening to.”

“Watching the American internet shows like Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97 and The Breakfast Club, where they don’t have any restrictions on subjects, or ads or music to cut to, that made me realise that we need something like that here in the UK So with my office being in a Central London location, and the contacts that myself, Posty and Chams have, it made sense to launch a new platform, a much-needed home to discuss topics that are traditionally “not for the radio.

He went on: “It’s a chance for talent to really discuss topics that are normally off-limits, discussions you would never hear on a licensed radio station. When you’re able to discuss music, drugs, sex, women, beef and money alongside things like business, aspirations, inspirations, politics, and current affairs—with no one trying to censor you—it gives the audience a real insight into their favourite talent.

On his favourite guest to date, Duane said it was ‘Godfather of Grime’ Wiley, who he described as “a legend, a genius who has basically built up a whole scene. And he tells it is exactly how it is, which is always very refreshing”.

Read the full interview over at


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