Willow smith to release her own line of socks

SOCK SUCCESS: Willow Smith

SOCK SUCCESS: Willow Smith

WILLOW SMITH has caught the modelling bug after posing for designer Marc Jacobs’ last campaign seven months ago.

Now the 15-year-old daughter of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith is back in front of the camera, this time modelling socks.

And the teen isn’t just modelling a line of colourful, patterned socks by Stance Socks, she is set to collaborate on her own line, too, creating nine unique styles.

UNIQUE: Willow models the range

UNIQUE: Willow models the range

“For me, socks can emit energy through you—even if nobody sees them. They have a message on them that radiates through your entire being . . . at least for me they do,” Willow told Vogue on the collaboration.

Stance, which also calls another style rebel – Rihanna – a collaborator, gave Smith plenty of control over her personally designed collection of socks that will debut later this year.


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