Agnes Ng’ang’a: The 22-year-old who built a multi-million business in six months

MOGUL MINDSET: Agnes Mulewa Ng'ang'a

MOGUL MINDSET: Agnes Mulewa Ng’ang’a

MEET AGNES Mulewa Ng’ang’a, who, at 22, is the chief executive officer of multi-million research company in Kenya.

Agnes, who has been hailed as one of the country’s rising entrepreneurs, sits at the helm of International Brand Solutions (IBS), worth over sh6 million (£41,128.76), which specialises in rebranding companies so they can easily meet the market demand and the right audience.

The young business mogul has six employees and has already made profits of over sh1 million (£,853.982) in the first six months of business.

“There is no law prohibiting youth from becoming billionaires at a young age, stereotyping of wealth associated to the youth should stop, beauty aside – who said that a woman cannot climb up a ladder without connections from a godfather?” she poses,” she told Rising Africa.

Born in the Kawangware slums, Agnes always had ambition far beyond her years.

When she was seven, the daughter of a civil servant would use her pocket money to purchase pencils at Sh3 (21p) and sell them at a higher price of Sh5 (34p) to her fellow classmates and save the profits.

From selling pencils to eggs in her upper primary, the discipline of saving from her profits taught her some of the critical lessons of being an entrepreneur. “My parents separated when I was young, my dad left, remarried and started a new family,” she told the publication.

“But that did not stop me from achieving my dreams. I chose to focus and promised myself that one day I would not let any other girl like me lack what I lacked,” she added.

Subsequently, Agnes, who is currently a fourth year student at Strathmore University doing a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology, has started a girl empowerment programme to mentor those who want to get into business. “There is a gap in the society, because the current generation of girls is not well groomed for the future.

“My target audience in this journey is mainly women and girls in their discovery point of life. The same attention they give to beauty and fame to education and advancing their professional career,” she said.


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