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British scriptwriter Bola Agbaje to provide jobs for Nigerian actors and directors with Snapchat film

CREATING OPPORTUNITIES: Award-winning playwright Bola Agbaje

CREATING OPPORTUNITIES: Award-winning playwright Bola Agbaje

AWARD-WINNING British writer Bola Agbaje (Gone Too Far!) will create opportunities for Nigerian directors and actors to be part of an innovative ‘social movie’ film.

The collaborative project, dubbed Snapped Nigeria, will be set and filmed Lagos next month and follows the success of Bola’s Snapped The Movie, the UK’s first-ever short film specifically created for and shown on Snapchat.

It will be produced by Kemi Lala Akindoju for 2Far Media Ltd and supported by the British Council who will also be promoting and marketing the movie.

The format is unique way of creating film content for young audiences in a format they like to engage with.

“As a writer whose audience is predominantly composed of young people it puts me at a disadvantage to ignore the world we live in so I need to find new ways to speak to my audience in a way they understand,” Bola, of Nigerian origin, said. “Video messaging and photo sharing plays a big part in most young people’s lives and in order to engage them I have to create stories that reflect their reality and this is why I created Snapped the Movie.”

The short film will appear for only 24 hours on the ‘My Story’ feature on Snapchat.

Although employing professional film processes, the films are recorded entirely on a mobile phone and, alongside the characters; the mobile phone itself becomes a character in the world created.

Snapped Nigeria, written by Bola, will be shown live on Snapchat on February 22 and and will be the focus of a panel discussion on February 26 held as part of the programme of events at the high profile Social Media Week Lagos 2016 conference.


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