Kelvin Jones, 20, snapped up by Epic Records after YouTube video goes viral



SINGER KELVIN Jones owes a lot to YouTube.

When the 20-year-old posted his track Call You Home on the video sharing site in 2014 he had no idea that in 24 hours it would lead to interviews on Good Morning America and boast over one million views.

“To have people come to you, or more specifically, to your song, is a really validating thing. I never really believed that real music stuff always connects until then. Now I completely trust that if you make something real, that you believe in, people can see into that and connect,” he told The Voice.

Offers from labels and publishers soon followed, with Epic & Four Music winning the race for the rising star’s signature in a joint venture with Sony Music.

Fast forward a few months and the Zimbabwe-born, Hertfordshire-raised, singer has already released his first single, Closer, and is looking to release his debut album, Stop the Moments this spring.

Kelvin, who dropped out of college to pursue music halfway through his civil engineering course – much to the disappointment of his parents, picked up the guitar five years ago and taught himself to play by watching BB King videos on YouTube.

“I was only six months into it and to be honest, I’d only really gone to a few lectures. To the disappointment of my parents, I said I should leave because music is one of those things if you love it and you’re obsessed with it, nothing else really matters and you can’t focus,” he says on making the career-defining decision.

“So I was like I can either fully focus on the thing I love or half-a** both of them. So instead I focused on what I really wanted to do.”

He added: “My love for blues is matched by my love of good quality pop music so I find that often my challenge when writing is to try to bring those two together. I’d describe my sound as the fusion of those two passions.”

WORDS: Rykesha Hudson


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