Entrepreneur Dionne James makes weight loss tasty with range of detox teas

TASTY TEAS: Entrepreneur Dionne James with a cup of DTOX'T

TASTY TEAS: Entrepreneur Dionne James with a cup of DTOX’T

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR Dionne James has combined two of our greatest loves for her business venture: tea drinking and weight loss.

DTOX’T is a range of “flavoursome” teas – including Pineapple & Coconut and Strawberry & Mango – that help to support your diet journey.

“DTOX’T helps to support weight loss whilst detoxing your system,” 33-year-old James told The Voice. “Our vision is to promote a healthy and enjoyable life. We are all about sustaining health and vitality in a way that becomes one’s lifestyle and not a mere fad.

Drinking the teas is part of “a 14-day programme, which comes with 28 tea bags. It is suggested that customers should drink two cups per day, preferably morning and evening”.

What makes DTOX’T a successful slimming aid is the six core ingredients and the powerhouse of antioxidants, which help to speed your metabolism, reduce bloating, gas and indigestion, and act as a natural appetite suppressant, rich in nutrients, Dionne said.

Having struggled with her weight over the years, Dionne came up with the idea after trying “every diet out there” and working out how she could make them less “bland and tasteless”.

“I began researching natural herbs which support the weight loss process by speeding up metabolism, and realising a complete absence on the market of flavoured detox teas, the concept for DTOX’T was born.”


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