East London borough has a new young mayor and she’s 15 with a budget of £25,000

TEEN SENSATION: Newham's new young mayor, Alex Jarrett

TEEN SENSATION: Newham’s new young mayor, Alex Jarrett

ALEX JARRET may only be 15-years-old but she’s already the Young Major of Newham and she has big plans for the East London borough.

The newly-elected mayor became the ninth leader of the young assembly after she topped the polls with 1,724 votes – the highest personal vote for a winning young mayor in Newham.

Currently a student at Lister Community School in Plaistow, Alex will lead the council for one year, in which time she will be allocated a budget of £25,000 by Mayor Robin Wales and councillors in the borough.

As well as being the face of Newham’s young people, Alex will regularly meet with the Mayor, councillors and council officers.

She will be supported by a 21-member Youth Council, who will help her decide how to spend the money, with the provision that it must be spent on local projects providing activities for young people.

And the teen already has a few ideas on how she can change Newham. Her first plan of action is to secure work experience for youngsters in the area.

“I believe that young people are stopped from reaching their goals because they don’t have the right experience, this needs to change,” explains the teen in her campaign video.

“We should work in partnerships and give young people the experience they deserve,“ she said.

And if that wasn’t enough, Alex looks set to launch a summer festival.

“Newham should have a summer festival. We should be able to celebrate and showcase how special we really are.”

WORDS: Hazelann Williams


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