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Former Eastenders star Bunmi Mojekwu to launch ethnically-diverse film production company

NEW VENTURE: Bunmi Mojekwu

NEW VENTURE: Bunmi Mojekwu

FORMER EASTENDERS star Bunmi Mojekwu is to launch an independent film company creating “unforgettable films” that “inspire, challenge, uplift and educate”.

The 26-year-old UK-based actress, who left the BBC 1 soap in 2011, says she was motivated by the “underrepresentation of black and ethnic minorities” on screen.

“We are focused on developing cross-cultural films, which cater to a whole audience, exploring a range of genres all of which represent a true reflection of society today,” she said.

Bunmi’s latest venture will officially launch on February 10 where she hopes attendees will help her in her mission to “change the narrative of British cinema and ultimately keep UK talent in the UK”.

Quoting, revered entertainer Sir Lenny Henry, who was presented with a knighthood by the queen for his services to charity and comedy last year, she said.

“[Sir Lenny Henry said}, ‘our most talented actors are getting increasingly frustrated and having to go to America to succeed.’”

“He highlighted the lack of non-white people working in television and called for channels to ‘reflect the country’s ethnically diverse population’.”


4 thoughts on “Former Eastenders star Bunmi Mojekwu to launch ethnically-diverse film production company

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  2. I came across this ad on Facebook. I used to be an actress myself, under the stage name, Jade Laurie-Hart. I trained at mountview, graduated 2005. I had a breakdown three years ago and I am still in recovery but also still very much artistic. I write poems and blogs mainly but I have also wrote an autobiography and a children’s book. I have so much to say about developing my craft in London, being a working actor, but mostly mental health. I am not sure if script production is a key part of your dream but please get a taste for my work, and contact me should we be able to collaborate in any way.


  3. I ve got a great idea for a genuine ethnically diverce bigraphy bokk play and film about black people living here in the 50s / 60s pls living on hyson green life of blues and community woild love to here from you in the near future


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