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Hackney to Hollywood: Actor David Ajala stars in ITV 1’s Beowulf tonight



HE’S FROM the same neck of the woods as Hollywood star Idris Elba so it’s no surprise David Ajala has begun clocking up as many film credits.

“I’m a blagger, I’m a hustler. I’m from Hackney, whatever that may mean for some people,” he told The British Blacklist on his east London roots. “It means something specific to myself and I just get on with it. I find a way. I suppose in auditions I had to navigate my way through. I was thrown in at the deep end and had to learn how to swim without any assistance.”

Some may remember Ajala from the BBC3 2008 series Trexx & Flipside. Since then, he has accumulated a multitude of credits, including The Dark Knight , Fast & Furious 6 and more recently Jupiter Asending, alongside Channing Tatum.

IN ROLE: David as the character of Rage in Beowulf

IN ROLE: David as the character of Rage in Beowulf

Tonight, the 29-year-old will star in ITV 1’s Beowulf as Rate, “- King [and] a warrior at heart”.

“He [Rate] is a wonderful character, ” he told the publication. “I think he’s a guy who loves to be kept on his toes. He welcomes the challenges because as far as he’s concerned, iron sharpens iron. Throughout the series, you will definitely see this guy become more and more involved. What he means to people, and how people perceive him… I have no control over that whatsoever.”

Beowulf is a British epic fantasy drama television series re-imagining of themes and characters from the Old English poem Beowulf, but with new characters and storylines added.

The series began airing in the United Kingdom on January 3, 2016 and will air in the United States from 23 January 2016.

David, who was raised in a traditional Nigerian household says faith plays a major part in his success.

“I always work on my faith as best I can. However someone expects a Christian to be or not be, I cannot have control over that. Christianity; (I am sure other religions as well) teaches you to do good things. It just so happens that I was born into a Christian household.

“It’s just the way that I’ve learnt, it teaches me how to help someone else out, how to be good to people. I’m not saying everyone needs to be religious, I’m saying we are all spiritual beings and there’s something profoundly powerful about faith and humanity.”

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