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Teen actress Amandla Stenberg named Feminist Celebrity of the Year

HONOURED: Amandla Stenberg

HONOURED: Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg been named as ‘feminist celebrity of the year’ by the Ms. Foundation for Women – a title she shares with fellow actress Rowan Blanchard.

According to votes compiled from an online survey, the pair shared the top title because they “spoke out” for equality, and “are using their voice to guide the larger conversation around equal rights” – which, given they’re both still under the age of 18, is pretty impressive.

The Hunger Games star Stenberg has already ignited some serious debate over intersectionality, diversity and equality – and was named by us as “the most incendiary voice of her generation” back in Autumn.

She’s also released her very own crash course in cultural appropriation (see below), called out Kylie Jenner, led an art movement and created her very own comic book about a mixed-race female superhero.

The list also included Laverne Cox, Shonda Rimes, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Margaret Cho and Ellen DeGeneres.

According to the Ms. Foundation for Women President and CEO Teresa C. Younger, it was created to acknowledge “celebrities who not only publicly identify as feminists, but work to change conversation around diversity, inclusiveness and intersectionality.”


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