Apprentice finalist Bianca Miller launches range of nude hosiery for black women

LAUNCH: Bianca Miller

LAUNCH: Bianca Miller

OUR ENTREPRENEUR of the day is Apprentice finalist, Bianca Miller, who launched her range of nude-coloured tights suitable for black women this week.

Bianca Miller London hosiery, promoted with the apt hashtag #RedefineNude, came about when Bianca tried to buy nude tights in her teens and found the darkest shade “wasn’t dark enough for me”.

The 26-year-old told The Voice:  “I would expect to be able to pay for tights that suited me. There is definitely a market. I have looked into the market. There isn’t anyone offering it.

Biance Miller London

“Options are so important. Shoppers want a choice. It will also drive you as a business to do the best that you can. It keeps you on your toes because you know your customers could go elsewhere if you don’t raise your game.”

You can purchase your tights by visiting:



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